Speaking Topics

Tailored Presentations / Speaking Topics:

•   Tailored presentation at your company – we create a tailored presentation of any length (typically one hour to one day) that focuses on your industry, your company  and your specific topics you would like covered, presented to executives in  your department

•   Multicultural  Marketing Panel – Panel can appear as part of a conference or on – site at a corporation.
Meet 3-5 top experts in a panel moderated by Lisa Skriloff.  Panelists will cover the following segments (choose 3-5):

-African  American
-Asian  American
-People With  Disabilities
-Women Business Owners

•   Diversity Day At Your Company We can assist in providing one speaker or a full day of  speakers and presentations.

•  Ethnic Marketing: How to Target the Multicultural Consumer – This course, inaugurated and taught by Lisa Skriloff for 11 years at New York University’s (NYU) School of Continuing & Professional Studies is a one or two-day multicultural marketing course. The class provides an overview of multicultural market trends and cover specific niche markets (Hispanic, African American, Asian American, LGBT, Disability, among others) featuring guest presenters with expertise in each market. This course can be presented at your corporate onsite. See example of Agenda for Ethnic Marketing: How to Target the Multicultural Consumer.

Speech Topics and Titles
Best Practices in Multicultural Marketing in the US (for international audiences)
Getting Started in Multicultural Marketing: Overview of Business Case
Getting Started in Multicultural Marketing: Resources, Organizations and Who You Need to Know
How to Establish Yourself as an Expert
The Ethnic and Niche Market Outreach Opportunity for Travel Marketers
Marketing Financial Services to Multicultural Markets (Panel)

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